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CyberPad v1.4 beta released Thursday, 30. August 2003

Ok, I did some small changes on the CyberPad plugin, so that it works with ePSXe 1.6.0.
I've also added hundreds of new game-names to the internal game-name-database, so CyberPad will recognize more games.

You can download this new version from the download page.

I've also talked with Calb (one of the ePSXe authors) about the sync-problem, which sometimes occur.
He said, that only the sound-plugin affect the sync (if the cd's you are using are not damaged, for sure). That's because the SPUIRQs depends on the PC-CPU, and this can be different for both computers. So the best way to have the game sync for a long time, is to disable the sound.

That's all ... have fun.

CyberPad v1.3 beta releasedThursday, 11. July 2002

Just a new version of CyberPad is done.
This version has these new features :

  • A "Out Of Sync" warning will be shown in the GPU, if the game is ... right ... out of sync. :-)
    (This is again some sort of "hack", because the current NET-Plugin-Interface does not support such a feature; it will only work if CyberPad detected your ePSXe version correctly. If ePSXe crash while using this new version, it could be most likely related to this "hack", so please mail me, if this happens.
    You will also need a GPU Plugin which support to show the SaveState-Pictures (like Pete's or Lewpy's GPU-Plugin))
    Sometimes this message flicker for one frame, this can happen sometimes and is not "important", but if it happens too often, the game is most likely out of sync.

  • 27 new game names are added to the internal game-name-database
Thanks to all the people who send me some region codes and game names to add them to the game-name-database and a special thanks fly to i4get and spike30001 for beta-testing.

Click on the Kaillera-button in the menu at the top to download the new version.

"Waiting Games"Friday, 5. July 2002

If there are any waiting psx games in the Kaillera-network, you can see them above the news now (If you don't see them, there aren't any "waiting games" currently).

On this way it should be easier to see, if anyone wanna play a game, you wanna play too.

If you wanna play any game, simply open it in ePSXe & Kaillera and it will show in this list too. What you need to do then, is to wait for someone to join your game. This can take a bit, but I am sure, if there is anyone who want to play the same game, he will join your game earlier or later.

CyberPad page is back !Friday, 5. July 2002

In the last hours, the CyberPad page didn't worked, because it moved to another server in the NGEmu.Com network.
But like you see ... it's back now. :-)
The advantages here is, that here are no nerved banners and popups anymore.

btw. expect a new CyberPad release soon. :-)

CyberPad (Kaillera-based) Beta Version 1.2 released !Sunday, 30. June 2002

Another day, another release ... just to confuse everybody even more. :P

This version, include some more region codes from games, which i saw running in Kaillera, and which was detected as "Unknown Game".
Also it seems like version 1.1 did not allowed to chat while playing, but version 1.0 did, this problem should be fixed now.

Last but not least, I've done a help file (cyberpad.chm) with furthermore informations about CyberPad. So, if you have problems, check it out !

Additionally, I've done a small 'checklist' (see the green running guy in the top menu), with things you should check before you play online, to make sure the game will run sync.

To get the new version, click in the menu on the Kaillera-button.

Have fun, and send me some feedback !

CyberPad (Kaillera-based) Beta Version 1.1 released !Saturday, 29. June 2002

I just found a way to get the game title of the current "loaded" game and show it in Kaillera.
It use some sort of "hack", so it could be that it doesn't work on all machines, but it should work, atleast on the most machines.

To get this new release, click on the Kaillera-button on the top, and don't forget to read the text, before you download it ! :-P

Have fun !

CyberPad - Kaillera-based beta released !Friday, 28. June 2002

Since many people requested Kaillera support for ePSXe, because CyberPad worked some sort of crappy. I've changed the CyberPad core, so that it uses Kaillera now.

It's just a beta, that means it's not fully functionally, this is not related to the CyberPad plugin itself, it's related to ePSXe and Kaillera.

First, Kaillera does not support a function to exchange the settings between the clients, that means you need to make sure that both clients use the same plugins and the same settings, or else ... your son ... upps ... that was a bit Shenmue ;-) ... or else ... the game will run async.

Second, ePSXe does not send any game related informations to CyberPad, so CyberPad nor Kaillera will know which game you try to play, that means you need to make sure, that you and your opponent, play the same game (Kaillera will just show "CyberPad (Kaillera-based) 1.0" as game title).

Whatever, I played it against a good friend (hi i4get) over the internet and the speed was perfect.

While playing, it happened that the game got sometimes async, but the most time it worked fine, so if it should get async, stop downloading mp3's and movies, make sure that you both use the same plugins and restart the game.

Ok, that's all for now. To download the CyberPad (Kaillera-based) plugin click in the menu at the top on the Kaillera button.

Have fun !

cyberpad@psxemu.comMonday, 18. March 2002

Maybe you wonder why there isn't a CyberPad news since months. I was just busy with other projects like [pec] and I am sure i will resume the work on it someday.

Maybe you tried to mail me in the last months, and you got a responce like this :

    Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
    I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
    This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

    This address no longer accepts mail.

I wondered since months, why I don't get any mails, and now I saw the mail address didn't work. tsss.. ;-)

But ok, the problem is fixed now, and if you have any important stuff, mail it to me !

We are still aliveThursday, 26. July 2001

I just want to inform you that we are still alive and still work (more or less) on CyberPad.
Currently, I need/want to do other stuff too and don't have much time for CyberPad, but i will resume the work on it soon.

Second, I've redesigned the CyberPad page a bit and hope it looks a bit more friendly now :-)

Third, some people, even people with slow connections, seems to like CyberPad, some other people report that it works unplayable slow and async.
I work on solutions for that which will (hopefully) be included in the next release.

Ok, that's all ... have fun :P

CyberPad v1.0 (Net-Plugin Version) releasedTuesday, 26. June 2001

Ok, like I promised before I've released CyberPad v1.0 now. It's (only) the Net-Plugin version which works (only) with ePSXe 1.4.0. The Pad-plugin version which works with all psxemu's with PSEmu Pro Pad plugin support will be released later (maybe).

This first release is more like a beta. There are still some bugs and problems which need to be fixed, but generally it (should) work.
The features of the plugin are :

  • The first release of the CyberPad Plugin
  • 100% sync gameplay
  • Usage of TCP/IP guarantees safe data delivery
  • Highly optimized 32-bit assembler code
  • Works with all 32-bit windows versions
  • LAN & WAN support
  • Firewall support
I highly recommend a 256 Kbps DSL/Cable connection, because with slower connections the gameplay isn't that much fun ... but try it yourself ;)

Since everybody know what netplay is, I doubt, I don't need to say much more ... just head over to the download section, read the text and grab your copy.

BTW - If you want to find other players to play with you, or if you have questions, ideas or problems, come to the EfNet channel #cyberpad.

Ok, have fun :-)

Connection Speed PollMonday, 25. June 2001

I've just generated on the PSXEmu MessageBoard a poll with the question, which connection do you normally use to play online-games.
This info's should help me to optimize the CyberPad code a bit better.

Please click here to go to the voting thread.

Thanks in advance