CyberPad (Kaillera-based version)
Version 1.4 beta


First of all, this is just a beta release, to get some response from the users, to see if it's worth to resume this version of the plugin.

Version 1.4 is not compatible to previous versions.

There are some known bugs and issues which need to be fixed and added in this CyberPad plugin version, but also in ePSXe and Kaillera.

Things like these :
  • Since Kaillera currently does not support a function to compare the emulators settings, you need to do that yourself.
    For a checklist of stuff you need to compare, click in the menu on the green running guy. If these settings aren't the same on both machines the game will work async.

  • ePSXe currently does not send any game-related informations to the Net-Plugin. This make it a bit hard for CyberPad, to know which game you are using.
    Since version 1.1, CyberPad uses a "hack", to get the game name directly from the emulators memory. Since this is just a "hack", I am not sure if it will work on all systems correctly, but it should atleast work on the most systems.

  • Don't use the pause function of ePSXe (ESC key), this may fuck up everything. :P

*NEW* since Version 1.1

CyberPad uses the games region code, and a internal list to get the game name.
This internal list includes about 1600 region codes for about 1500 games. If CyberPad does not know the region code for your game, it will show "Unknown game (SCPS-00000)" as game title; if this should happen please mail the game name and the region code (in this case SCPS-00000, in your case it should be another one), to, so that i can enter the information in CyberPad's database and the game name will be shown, in the next CyberPad version, correctly.


To install the plugin, simply follow these few steps :
  • Extract the kailleraclient.dll from the zip file to your ePSXe-directory (NOT the plugin directory)
  • Extract the cpka.dll in the PLUGINS-Directory.
  • After that start ePSXe and select the CyberPad plugin in the Network-Configuration window in ePSXe.
  • The CyberPad plugin don't need to be configured.

For more informations read the helpfile (cyberpad.chm) which is included in the cyberpad-archive.

Other things

While beta testing, the game was sometimes out of sync. To avoid this, make sure both players use exactly the same plugins, don't download anything in the "background" and if this should still happens, simply restart the game (emulator).

If you want to download CyberPad (Kaillera-based) v1.4 now, please click here instead of clicking on a link below, but please read the rest of the text too.

For informations how to improve the speed of Kaillera, and many more informative stuff, check the help file (cyberpad.chm) which is included in the CyberPad archive.

If you need further informations, you could also check the Kaillera website.

You have any other problems ? Please mail me.

Ok, that's all for now ... Have fun with CyberPad & Kaillera ! ;-)

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